KERANOVE is a hair care range focused on delivering deep care for the hair and scalp. It specializes in treatments, shampoo and hair color.

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Kéranove, 45 years of experience in dermo-hair care

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The Kéranove brand, with 45 years of experience in dermo-hair care, provides care for your hair and scalp.

• 1966 : The first Kéranove vials are sold in drugstores and hair salons. Kéranove establishes its reputation as a hair care specialist with a presence in drugstores

• 1968 : Kéranove vials arrive in department stores and popular stores.

• 1972 : Kéranove enters the shampoo market.

• 1976 : Kéranove enters the hair care market and launches its revitalizing cream for lifeless hair, formulated with plant extracts.

• 1978 :A zinc-based dandruff shampoo is launched along with 5 other references.

• 1984 : Launch of hair loss vials for women.

• 1987 : Kéranove arrives in supermarkets and hypermarkets

• 1988 : Kéranove launches its first range of « Instant no-rinse » products with 3 references, one for color-treated hair, one for permed hair and one for fine, limp hair.

• 1995 :The brand name changes to: « Laboratoires Kéranove Soins dermo-capillaires » (Kéranove Laboratories Hair Treatments). A nutri-repairing mask in jar form is also launched on the market.

• 1997 : The brand launches revitalizing hair color, which is permanent hair color available in 15 shades. It includes 8 natural shades (black to ultra-lightening light blond) and 7 shimmering nuances (copper, mahogany and gold undertones).

• 1999 : Launch of 40 varied and complementary hair color shades.

• 2000 : Launch of 2 dandruff shampoos, one for oily dandruff and one for dry dandruff. The range has established presence in all segments of the hair care market.

• 2000 : Kéranove, the expert brand of hair care, launches 19 « techno-natural » shampoos & treatments for the first time: they contain the Dermo-Kératyl complex combined with a natural active ingredient formulated with plant extracts, which is suitable for all hair types.