KERANOVE is a hair care range focused on delivering deep care for the hair and scalp. It specializes in treatments, shampoo and hair color.

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Kéranove innovation: « Techno-Natural »

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Kéranove Laboratories have developed a formula that contains active ingredients with scientifically proven effectiveness, for all of their products that combine expertise and nature.

- A « Dermo-Kératyl™ » complex combined with a natural active ingredient formulated with plant extracts, which is suitable for all hair types.

- High performance formulas and scientifically proven results.

- Paraben-free, dermatologist tested formulas.

Demo-Kératyl™ is a unique complex, a concentrate of trace elements, mineral salts and glycogen.
Included in all Kéranove hair color, shampoo and treatment formulas, it stimulates and revitalizes the cell activity of the scalp and hair.

The natural active ingredient included in the Nutrition & Treatment module for Dry and damaged hair is:
Active mango concentrate. The pit of the mango is rich in protein and lipids, offering greater hydrating properties than Shea butter. This active ingredient restores the condition of damaged hair and makes it shiny soft to the touch.

The natural active ingredient included in the Radiance & Protection module for Color-treated hair is:
Active pomegranate concentrate. The pomegranate is recommended for its anti-oxidant properties and protects hair against free radicals and UV rays. Pomegranate juice also contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the hair.

The natural active ingredient included in the Balance & Purity module for Hair with oily dandruff is: Aseptilamine™. Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-irritant properties, which stabilize the scalp and regulate sebum secretion, this active ingredient is recommended for treating an oily scalp.

The natural active ingredient included in the Balance & Treatment module for Hair with dry dandruff is: Zinc Pirythione. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, this active ingredient prevents the production of dandruff and protects the scalp. This formula also possesses hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties which provide a sensation of well-being.

The natural active ingredient included in the Prevention & Density module for Hair loss is: Trichodyn™. This active ingredient combines synergistically an exotic wood extract, glutamic acid and sodium succinate to more effectively combat the main causes of hair loss, acting at 4 different levels: it stimulates cell storage, repairs and protects the scalp, and prevents hair loss.

The natural active ingredient included in the Lightness & Purity module for Oily hair is: Meadowsweet active concentrate. This active ingredient is rich in phenolic acids, known for their ability to restore the balance of the scalp’s ecosystem. Meadowsweet has astringent effects which significantly regulate sebum secretion. Its antibacterial and anti-irritant properties improve the condition of oily scalps.

The natural active ingredient included in the Vitality & Shine module for Normal hair is: Nutsedge oil active concentrate. This active ingredient, rich in oleic acid, is known for its nourishing properties. In addition, its high level of tocopherols provides natural protection from free radicals.

The natural active ingredient included in the Volume & Treatment module for Fine hair is:
Soy active concentrate. With its protective film, this active ingredient covers hair with a flexible coat that improves its manageability, softness and strength.