Pétrole Hahn

The men’s hair care expert since 1885.

With its ultra-high performance formulas, this expert men’s hair care brand features products made with essential oils selected for their unique properties.

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Ultra-high performance formulas, products made with essential oils

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8 essential shampoos and 3 « dual action » dandruff shampoos that treat dandruff and its associated problems, such as relapse, hair loss and itching.

  • Force Shampoo – Original Green
  • Force Shampoo – Original Blue

Fortifying shampoos enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and essential Citrus oils.

  • Stop Dandruff- Shampoo for normal hair with dandruff

The formula contains Zinc Pyrithione and 3 essential Citrus oils.

  • Hair Loss- Shampoo for frequent use

A formula that contains Trichodyn, an active ingredient that helps combat the main causes of hair loss, as well as thyme essential oil.

  • Purity- Shampoo for normal hair that becomes oily quickly.

Its formula is enriched with Puricare and contains Mint essential oil.

  • Nutrition- Shampoo for dry or curly hair

A nourishing and fortifying shampoo enriched with Kéragène, which contains Macadamia essential oil.

  • Radiant Gray- Shampoo for salt and pepper hair.

A brightening shampoo for frequent use that combines brightening agents with antioxydin and medicinal Lavender essential oil.

  • Double Action Stop Dandruff + Anti-Relapse- Shampoos for hair with stubborn dandruff.

Eliminates 100% of stubborn dandruff with its formula containing Zinc Pyrithione, which provides anti-relapse action for 6 weeks after one month of continuous use

  • Double Action Stop Dandruff + Anti-itching- Shampoos for hair with dandruff and a sensitive scalp.

- Eliminates 100% of stubborn dandruff
- Cleanses the scalp and soothes itching

  • Double Action Stop Dandruff + Hair loss- Shampoos for men experiencing dandruff and hair loss

- Eliminates 100% of stubborn dandruff
- Leaves hair stronger and more resistant.

  • Hair Loss Program

3 complementary products that effectively help combat hair loss.
The Pétrole Hahn Hair Loss Program is enriched with TrichodynTM, an active ingredient that protects and stimulates the hair follicle, slows down hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

  • Hair Loss Treatment: Enriched with 10% Trichodyn™ and Guinea Pepper extracts
  • Pétrole Hahn toning lotions
     Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, an active ingredient that strengthens hair from the roots and protects it from exterior aggressors, as well as with Citrus essential oils.

Green Force Toning Lotion: for normal hair.
Blue Force Toning Lotion: for gray or white hair
Moisturizing Toning Lotion: for dry hair
Balancing Toning Lotion: for oily hair and an oily scalp

  • Hair Color Foam formulated especially for men

Ammonia-free tone-on-tone color that blends in gray hair in five minutes for subtle, natural-looking results that last for six weeks.
A range of 6 shades developed especially for men: Black, Brown, Steel Gray,Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown

  • 4 Shampoo and Shower Gels formulated with citrus, eucalyptus, ginger and cedar from the four corners of the world.

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