Pétrole Hahn

The men’s hair care expert since 1885.

With its ultra-high performance formulas, this expert men’s hair care brand features products made with essential oils selected for their unique properties.

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The men’s hair care expert since 1885.

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• 1885 : Charles Hahn, a pharmacist in Geneva, invents a lotion to treat and beautify hair.
Its special feature:
its fragrance, a blend of lemon, orange and bergamot.
This also marks the invention of a new hair care gesture, a bi-phase product that must be shaken before use to create a perfect emulsion.

• 1896 : The « Pétrole Hahn » trademark is registered for the first time.

• De 1897 à 1975 : The brand continues its conquest, and through presence in drugstores it first gains a following among hairstylists, then becomes available in hypermarkets.
It also experiences success abroad.

• 1998 : EUGENE PERMA acquires the « Pétrole Hahn » brand from Procter & Gamble with the goal of creating the first men’s hair care segment. The first range of shampoo and treatments for men was then created, as well as the first men’s hair color range.

Pétrole Hahn and the world of sports….
• 2000 : « Pétrole Hahn » forms a partnership with Bixente Lizarazu, world and European soccer champion. This partnership was born of a common bond between the psychological qualities and human values of the sportsman and the brand’s values ​​of authenticity and brotherhood.

• 2002 : « Pétrole Hahn » takes on a new sports ambassador, Robert Pires, a distinguished player from France’s national soccer team.

• 2006 : « Pétrole Hahn » catches rugby fever and scores a try by forming a partnership with Dimitri Yachvili, a member of the French team that finished runner-up in the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final.
« Pétrole Hahn » thus joins forces with a team sport of growing popularity, with which the brand shares its values of authenticity, pleasure, effectiveness, strength and masculinity.

• At present: Pétrole Hahn is a brand dedicated to men with more products with high performance formulas, featuring:
- shampoos
- lotions
- hair color products
- a hair loss program
- a styling cream