Carmen Ultime


Carmen Ultime is a cream oxidative hair color with mixing ratios of 1:1 or 1:3 to create ultra-lightening shades.
It is the no. 1 hair color at EUGENE PERMA. Carmen Ultime is a brand that has been a key player on the hair color market for more than 20 years.
Results: enhanced color with boosted shine and wear, pure nuances and 100% coverage of gray hair.

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98 beautiful, authentic and deep shades divided into 7 nuance families, essential to a hairstylist’s creativity.

7 Ultra-Lightening shades to lift hair color beautifully and personalize blond shades with natural-looking nuances.
6 chromatic shades to intensify or neutralize a nuance.

Perk: Features a formula that inspires well-being with its Plant Origin Complex* and elegant fruity fragrance.

A range that provides comfort and simple use with the guarantee of flawless cosmetic and color results.

* Plant origin complex containing:
- Castor oil extracts
- Copra oil
- Colza oil extracts

These 3 oil extracts have been combined to coat colorants, which helps them reach the core of the hair for optimal penetration and distribution
-Fruity and elegant fragrance, allergen-free (does not contain any allergenic substances listed in Directive 2003/15/CE)