Lissit Concept

Lissit Concept is a high-precision permanent straightening treatment that contains a plant extract: bamboo extract, which offers regenerating and remineralizing properties.

Its gentle formula with adjustable intensity is suitable for all hair types, even sensitized, highlighted and color-treated hair.

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High-precision permanent straightening treatment

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Lissit Concept is used to:

Durably smooth out crimping, curls, waves and frizz
Reduce hair volume
Improve ease of styling for unruly hair
Straighten perms that have become unsightly
Straighten hair partially for a glamorous look
A customizable product that delivers smooth, long-lasting and natural-looking results that last 3-6 months based on the hair type.

Safe use: 2 products that are mixed together, Relaxing Cream and Conditioning Cream, to create a strength suited to the hair to be treated and the desired results (4 customizable strengths based on the type of hair to be treated).