PH Pro

PH PRO is the affordable professional brand entirely dedicated to men.

Formulated with the Care System, PH PRO boosts effectiveness, contains an anti-pollution active ingredient and provides a fresh sensation with all of its products.

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A must-have for men’s daily hair care

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The PH Pro range draws its strength from the exclusive Care System complex, which gives the range 3 complementary actions.

It acts as an effectiveness booster with a combination of Arginine, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B5 to multiply the effectiveness of products.
It provides anti-pollution action with the active ingredient PuricareTM, which offers protection from pollution and a conditioning effect.
Menthol offers a fresh sensation, which creates an exceptional refreshing feeling.
Whether they want to prevent or combat hair loss, or simply enhance the look of their hair, men will find exactly what they need in this range to give them strength and vitality on a daily basis.

This EUGENE PERMA product innovation marks a new page in the history of the Pétrole Hahn brand, which continues to build a special relationship with men and their hair.