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An integrated Research Laboratory exclusively dedicated to hair color and hair care, a forerunner in ammonia-free hair color.

With its unique, cutting-edge expertise in hair care, EUGENE PERMA offers innovations that are tested and approved by hairstylists and consumers from all over the world, combining:

- Optimal respect for hair
- Effectiveness
- Safety for hairstylists and consumers

Our research teams use all of their expertise to benefit hair care innovation in order to offer you increasingly innovative products that combine ultimate performance and high safety levels. Each new product requires input from 5 Expert Areas from the Research and Development Laboratory: chemistry (formulation and analysis), biophysics, biology, dermatology and toxicology.

EUGENE PERMA devotes nearly 3% of its revenue to Research & Development.

The latest scientific discoveries help promote the development of new products, as well as improve existing products that are already available on the market.