Eugène Perma

A French family company

If Eugène Perma is a French family company of intermediate size recognized as a major actor on the market of the capillary cosmetic,

it is above all a human adventure that has been written for over 100 years.

The Martin Family

Didier Martin, the Group’s fourth president, is now bringing this heritage, which was taken over 100% in 1995, to life with his daughters, Cécile and Marie-Laure, a second generation of entrepreneurs who believe in plural, inclusive, singular beauty, the beauty we inherit and the beauty we create for ourselves.

Eugène Perma’s quality is to draw its strength from a rich and inspiring past. Its family structure, its human size and our strong entrepreneurial spirit are, in my opinion, soul supplements, assets that make our company so singular in the cosmetics market.”

Executive Committee Members

Cécile Martin

Marketing Group Director

Marie-Laure Martin

Director of the Professional and Selective Products Division

Cédric Dugardin

Chief Executive Director

Sébastien Frappier

Director of

Valeria Dejardin Canete

Human Resources Director

Marine Péron-Léonard

Research and Innovation Director

Miguel Angel Redondo

International Director

Olivier Dupont

Director of Retail Division

An ETI committed to its sector

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