Eugène Perma 1919

Eugène Perma 1919 invites every woman to cultivate her uniqueness through expert, cutting-edge shampoos and treatments that create a beauty that reflects your image: demanding, conscious and committed. Professional, vegan formulas, with precious and carefully selected ingredients.

Products approved by professionals and designed for a beauty that reflects your image: demanding and committed

Eugène Perma was born in 1919 from the vision of Eugène Sutter, an avant-garde hairdresser who was passionate about the beauty of hair and deeply attached to the freedom to be oneself.

As an accomplice to women’s emancipation in the 1920s, he created visionary hair care products that both enhanced the material and revealed the style of each woman.

Since 1919, Eugène Perma has remained faithful to this
to this heritage.
As a tribute to this inspiring founder, Eugène Perma 1919 hair care products break free from convention and invite every woman to cultivate her uniqueness.

Eugène Perma 1919 commitments

Made in France

Shampoos and care products made in Reims


Professional and transparent formulation charter

Vegan formulas

No ingredients of animal origin