Kéranove Naturanove

Permanent hair color without ammonia

Kéranove Naturanove is an ammonia-free permanent hair color enriched with over 90% ingredients of natural origin. Without compromising on performance, its formulas guarantee exceptional color results and 100% coverage of white hair.

Highly natural hair color, without compromising on performance

Kéranove Naturanove permanent hair color combines high naturalness and performance.

Its formula enriched with walnut oil, ammonia-free, PPD*-free and mineral oil-free, and its care with three organic vegetable oils reveal an exceptional color result and 100% coverage of white hair.

Kéranove Naturanove was born from the search for the right balance between naturalness and radiant color to offer a hair color kit containing up to 93% of ingredients of natural origin**, vegan*** and made in France.

*People who are allergic to hair dyes – especially to PPD – are still likely to develop an allergic reaction. It is imperative to perform an allergy test 48 hours before use.

**From 91% to 93% of the kit’s ingredients are of natural origin on average.

***No ingredients of animal origin

Naturanove's commitments

High naturality

Our hair color kits are made of 91 to 93% natural ingredients* and contain 4 vegetable oils carefully selected for their unique properties: walnut, jojoba, avocado and macadamia. *Our formulas are vegan (without animal ingredients).

Made in France

Our hair color kits are designed and formulated in our Parisian laboratory and then manufactured in our production site in Reims.

More responsible packagings

Our cardboard boxes are fully recyclable and are made of materials from sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources. Our leaflets are PEFC certified (they are not made of recycled paper)

*on average on the kit