Our commitments




Since 2018, we have developed an eco-design approach to offer our customers and consumers more responsible and environmentally friendly formulas and packaging.

With Nat&Nove BIO, we have made a concrete commitment to produce recyclable tubes made of 84% plant-based plastic from sugar cane* (excluding the capsule). The weight of the packaging has also been reduced by an average of 25% compared to a standard tube, thanks to an optimization of the capsule, for a lower plastic content. The entire Nat&Nove BIO range is certified organic and vegan (*without ingredients of animal origin) according to the Cosmos charter. The harvesting of organic ingredients, sourced in France and traceable to the field, of our formulas is carried out with respect for biodiversity, soil and seasons.

And because “less is better,” we’ve developed organic, 100% natural, vegan solid shampoos for our professional brand Collections Nature. The packaging is made of materials from well-managed FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources. With recyclable and plastic-free packaging, COSMOS ORGANIC certified solid shampoos are committed to providing you with high quality, eco-friendly professional products. At Collections Nature, each of our bottles and jars contains 50% plastic from recycled household waste. Our formulas are more natural than ever, with an average of 96% of ingredients of natural origin. Collections Nature supports short circuits by favouring local suppliers and by manufacturing products in our factory in Reims.

As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the composition of the products they use, Eugène Perma Professionnel has created Carmen Rituel, a hair coloring ritual that combines naturalness and performance, composed of 95% ingredients of natural origin* (* on average over the entire ritual) and concentrated in organic plant oils. With the aim of transparency, the hair color is formulated without ammonia, PPD*, resorcinol or mineral oils, and the hair care products are free of sulfated surfactants and silicone for a natural feel. Eugène Perma Professionnel has achieved a technical feat by formulating a hair color without these controversial ingredients while maintaining its expected performance.

Our plastic strategy

Eugène Perma is committed to reducing the amount of packaging and the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. For example, we are deploying a strategy to reduce and improve our plastic packaging by 2025. This approach is part of the “Plastic Act”, an action plan supported by the entire cosmetics sector via the FEBEA for sustainable packaging, which is based on the “4R” principle: reduction, reuse, reincorporation and recycling.

Our goals by 2025 :

Whenever possible, we opt for packaging made from materials from well-managed FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources. Similarly, our coloring bowls and brushes are made of recycled plastic and manufactured in France.

As part of a continuous improvement process, our production site, audited annually by Ecocert, has been committed for over 20 years to improving its energy performance and productivity by reducing its water, gas and electricity consumption and by sorting 100% of its waste.

In the same approach, we are part of the Pulp In Action initiative, in order to rethink packaging in a sustainable way with the objective of replacing plastic packaging with cellulose fiber. We are also a member of the Eco Beauty Score consortium, whose goal is to develop a common Ecoscore tool for the cosmetics sector, in order to guarantee consumers the transparency of the environmental performance of products.

*People who are allergic to hair dyes (including PPD) are nevertheless always welcome to use our products.