Our Mission

Inventing a healthy and sustainable beauty to allow everyone to reveal the best of themselves

Women and men everywhere have always taken care of their bodies to reveal their identity and express their uniqueness. Beauty is unique and subjective, the expression of oneself and one’s well-being in a changing world in which attention to oneself and one’s health have never been so important.

Aware of the ecological and societal issues that drive our societies, we are committed to inventing expert and useful hair products that are ever more responsible and that contribute to your daily pleasure and question the diversity that every personality needs.

In a continuous improvement approach, our R&I laboratory in Gennevilliers has been developing since 2018 better eco-designed product ranges with more natural or even organic formulas with the consumer brand Nat&Nove BIO and, for hair salons the Collections Nature ranges with 95% natural ingredients on average and Carmen Rituel, the first professional coloring ritual combining naturalness, color performance and care. A feat of innovation that required years of development and is formulated without ammonia or mineral oils.

As much as possible, we favor short formulas and the use of French raw materials, whose quality has been recognized for over a century by our customers and partners around the world. Our natural, synthetic or chemical active ingredients are sourced with the utmost rigor from historical suppliers, 82% of which are located in France and 96% in Europe.

More than 90% of our products are manufactured at our only production site in Reims, where a hundred employees work on the formulas and package the colorations and hair care products on a dozen lines.

And because your beauty goes hand in hand with that of the environment, we are constantly working to improve the eco-design of our packaging. Eugène Perma is committed to reducing the amount of packaging and its impact on the environment. Whenever possible, we opt for paper-cardboard packaging from sustainably managed forests (FSC or PEFC certified)