(re)Launch of Eugène Color

Color&Eclat and Natural Result, the two best-selling hair color lines in France, are getting a makeover! They are aimed at all women who are looking to take care of their hair while obtaining brilliant and long-lasting results.

The formulas of the Color&Eclat line have been improved to offer even more natural and luminous results, and the products are even more environmentally friendly thanks to natural and 100% vegan* ingredients.

As for the Natural Result line, which was initially specialized in tone-on-tone coloring, it is now back under a new name: Color&Glow. With improved formulas, to offer brighter and more natural results without root effect. Three new shades have been added to diversify the available colors ( 621-Marron glacé, 735-Praliné gourmand, 603 Noisette craquante)

These statements demonstrate Eugène Color’s commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation and to meet the needs of consumers. The products have been tested with 450 consumers to ensure their effectiveness and quality.

Now available in stores and online. So don’t hesitate any longer and discover these new formulas to enhance your hair with confidence!

“Coloring my hair allows me to be in harmony with who I am, my character and my personality. At ease with myself, I am at ease with others.

*no ingredients of animal origin