Eugène Perma’s adventure was born from a pioneering project, the “Eugène Permanent Waving Machine”, which in 1919 wrote the first pages of a history that defied convention. Eugène Sutter, a hairdresser-inventor with a passion for hair beauty, was thus taking part in the first steps towards women’s emancipation.

Since then, with our entrepreneurial spirit at the core, we have never ceased to perpetuate these values that are part of our DNA.

In the 1980s, well before regulations prohibited animal testing in 2013, we put an end to animal testing and replaced it with in vitro and in vivo alternatives.

In 1995, Didier Martin, the 4th President of the company, bought Eugène Perma and became the majority shareholder in an international market. He made the choice of Made in France by gathering the production tools in Reims and by developing within the R&I Laboratory all its production.

While subcontracting and importing are nowadays the preferred production methods of companies, we continue to source more than 80% of our products in France. Our solidity and dynamism are the expression of the know-how of the men and women at work throughout our production chain, which we cultivate by supporting the land that saw the birth of Eugène Perma.

The positive emulation between our employees strengthens our daily ability to solve difficulties and to accompany change. We respond to economic and societal upheavals with our boldness and agility, without ever abandoning our promise of commitment, expertise and authenticity.

It is thanks to its ability to undertake and diversify, sometimes in the face of adversity, that Eugène Perma has been charting its course with singularity for over a hundred years. And it is by reinventing itself every day while respecting its values that the group has succeeded in carving out its own path in an ultra-competitive and ever-changing cosmetics world.

It is because men and women assert themselves and claim the free expression of their personality that we work for a beauty freed from any diktat.

Didier Martin, CEO of Eugène Perma

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