Eugène Perma’s independent status gives it great agility from creation to distribution, and allows it to act at the best levels of the value and decision chain in order to propose innovations in line with the market within a reasonable timeframe.

Particularly recognized in the field of ammonia-free coloring, our Research and Innovation division develops innovations every year that combine respect for the hair, optimal effectiveness and safety for hairdressers and consumers. From ideation to formulation, including tests on models, the cosmeticity of our products is ensured by the know-how of experts with extensive experience in the hair industry.

Our teams of researchers work daily in accordance with our formulation charter, which excludes many controversial raw materials, without compromising the performance of our products.

Day after day, we select our active ingredients with great care and ensure that their performance is optimal at each stage of the manufacturing process. The relationship of trust that binds us to our suppliers, transporters and service providers allows us to control our products throughout the value chain. We carry out use, clinical, instrumental and consumer tests in order to meet all needs, without altering living organisms.

This mastery and control of performance throughout the production chain has also enabled us to develop and pass on our knowledge for over a hundred years. Thus, our Research and Innovation Laboratory has developed since 2018 an expertise in the development of organic and high naturalness products for both Professionals and the general public.

In addition to the laboratory, we train our employees at headquarters and in the field, as well as our customers, in the mastery of gestures, the handling of products and provide them with technical advice on all our products. Eugène Perma is a recognized partner of hairdressing professionals, whom the Group trains by the thousands every year in the EP Academy. It is also a historical player in the mass market with leading positions on the brands Pétrole Hahn and Eugène Color.

Marine Péron-Léonard, our Research and Development Director, has more than twenty years of experience in hair coloring. She works with a team of 15 people to design several hundred formulas each year.

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