The Commitment


In a constantly changing world, Eugène Perma, a French company on a human scale, has been able to maintain and develop over the years a high level of know-how in its fields of expertise thanks to the commitment of all its stakeholders throughout the value chain, the most important of which are our employees, whose entrepreneurial spirit and resilience are common qualities.

Considered as the true architects of the success of our century-old company, our HR policy encourages internal promotion of our employees. Our employees are truly loyal to Eugène Perma’s values, with an average length of service that exceeds the standards of our industries and a high level of qualification.

Eugène Perma places exchanges at the heart of its action. Employees, hairdressers, consumers, partners: the beauty we believe in is the result of a collective reflection and a commitment to the company.

We also have long-standing relationships with our suppliers and service providers, 82% of whom are based in France. They are true partners who share our high standards of quality and service.

At the service of its customers and consumers, attentive to market trends, Eugène Perma is constantly evolving and renewing itself while maintaining the same high standards in order to respond to all types of beauty. Committed to offering quality products, formulas and packs that meet new requirements without compromising on performance and cosmeticity.

As early as the 1980s, before the law banned them in 2013, Eugène Perma became aware of the urgent need to reduce its environmental impact, ceasing all tests on animals and adopting alternative in vivo and in votro methods. In 2018, the company committed itself to eco-design by financing committed projects or by working with suppliers and transporters mainly from Reims and France.

As European regulations for cosmetics are the strictest in the world, we are committed to offering healthy products and regularly renovating their environmental profile while improving their performance level.

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